Does race impact the likelihood of a person with a disability getting hired?

by | Jul 7, 2020

There is no evidence that race impacts a person with a disability being hired. It appears that disability trumps all other possible discriminating factors. Within the disability community there is discrimination regarding people of color with disabilities and white people with disabilities just like in our community there is still discrimination between typical people of color and typical white people. Disability doesn’t discriminate, it affects all cultures, races, religions, and gender identities.


About Amy

Amy has extensive experience in the disability community from having a sister with a disability, being a special education teacher and working in job development and placement.

She has a unique view of people with disabilities in that they can accomplish anything if given the chance and time and that is what she advocates for daily.

She has witnessed the struggle from both sides, the prospective employees as well as the employers and has seen the need for company wide training and support in order to truly include people with disabilities in the workforce successfully.

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