To bring together Special Education Parents, school districts and businesses, to support people with special needs from birth, through school and into the community in order to help each individual reach their full potential and create balance within their lives, by facilitating open communication between parents, schools and businesses through trainings and advocacy.

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My naamysarabostonme is Amy Ostrowski and special education is my life.  I am an Inclusion Facilitator.  I have a sister with special needs who has been a huge influence on my life and has lead me to where I am today.  I have seen the IEP and educational process from both the family and the educator sides, as well as how difficult it is to find a job and feel included in society.  Having seen this from both sides has made me strive to make life’s journey and experiences less stressful for the person with special needs, their families and the community to which they belong.

My goal is to help guide and empower families, schools and companies, like you, as you navigate the sometimes confusing and frustrating world of special education and special needs. I want to help you create the best education and life experience possible for people with special needs. I do this by helping you understand the laws and best practices that support and guide schools and companies in supporting and including people with special needs as well as help YOU advocate for the needs of people with special needs.

Having a sister with special needs I have also seen the family aspect of planning and advocating at an IEP and throughout life and I understand the stresses it can cause.

With 15 plus years of teaching experience in both public school and with a non-profit, I have written over 3000 IEPs and IFSPs and helped many families through both processes and all the different transitions that happen throughout a child’s educational journey.  I have been there and lived it from both sides.

Let’s work together to create a community where those with disability can feel safe, included, and pursue their dreams.


 Education & Experience:

  • Masters in Special Education, University of San Diego.
  • Bachelors of Education/Special Education, Gonzaga University
  • Speaker/Trainer :Involved Exceptional Parents Day, San Diego, San Diego International Music Teachers Symposium.
  • Special Education Teacher for the Moderately/Severely Handicapped, K-6th grade in Chula Vista Elementary School District and La Mesa-Spring Valley School District.
  • PACE (Preschool for Autistic Children’s Education) co-teacher.
  • Early Childhood Intervention, 0-5yrs old.
  • Extensive experience writing and evaluating IFSPs and IEPs and case managing IEP team as well as running IEP meetings.
  • Trained teachers and parents about IFSPs, IEPs and IEP goal writing.
  • Familiarity with Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, ABA and APE.
  • Ability Awareness/Sensitivity Trainer.
  • Designed curriculum to support student learning.
  • Conducted classroom observations.
  • Trained in Touch Math, Handwriting Without Tears and Brushing/Joint compression techniques, and PECS.